Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Tolerance – Test Press

So I haven’t been updating this blog too much as after my last few purchases I haven’t really been buying any records. However after reading one of my favorite blogs We Will Bury You and hearing that Doug passed on a No Tolerance – No Remorse, No Tolerance Test Press from Sean Youngblood I had to see if it was still available. So I quickly scrambled to shoot off an email to Sean, hoping no one else would have the same idea as I did. He replied pretty quickly and it turned out that he did still have a spare copy available. A few emails back and forth and we made a deal!

So here it is! No Tolerance – No Remorse, No Tolerance TEST PRESS out of 24.

The test press has an awesome gold screened cover. The record has blank handwritten labels and a sweet stamped inner sleeve. I have always loved No Tolerance’s design and layouts and this test press definitely does not disappoint. (sorry about the poor quality photos, they really don’t do this cover justice).

As I’ve previously written about my No Tolerance records before I’m not going to go too much into the details and try and keep this write up brief, however I thought it would be cool to see the different covers next to each other. Here is the test press gold cover. Pre-Release cover screened in silver and regular first press white.

Finally picking up the test press now actually completes my No Remorse, No Tolerance collection and in fact actually completes my No Tolerance 7” collection, having previously completing my Boston StraightEdge collection. I now only need ONE No Tolerance record to have a complete collection, the test press for the LP. Here is my complete No Remorse, No Tolerance collection, first press on the top row and second press on the bottom row.

Finally here is my entire No Tolerance collection (If anyone has a line on someone with the LP test press PLEASE hit me up!)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Warzone – Lower East Side Crew E.P.

So here we have Revelation Number 1, Warzone - Lower East Side Crew E.P. Now my Warzone collection is by no means the most complete or crucial around. In fact my collection isn't even half complete, even without counting test presses or the impossible to get lion attacking horse sleeve.

Now my collection may be missing many pieces, however I was recently lucky enough to pick up one of the most sought after Revelation Records 7"s, Warzone - Lower East Side Crew, 4th press on Clear vinyl!

It's strange, I almost feel unworthy to own this record. I don't have a regular 1st press or even a 3rd press on Green. And I know this record is probably in the top 3 or so many collectors want list.

When I picked up a few records recently, the dude I picked them up from sent some pics of all the records he was selling, one being the Warzone 7" on Clear. Now at the time I new I couldn't afford it as well as the other records I wanted, so I figured I would let the Warzone record pass. After making a deal for a few records I kept thinking that I would never have another chance like this to pick up this record. According to and there has only been one Warzone on Clear on eBay and that was back in 2007!!

Now the more I thought about it I really didn't want to let this record slip by and it be a story years later I regret while trying to track down another copy.

So I messaged the dude back, and having previously discussed other records and that he mentioned his Minor Threat s/t 7" with red cover was in pretty beat up condition. I asked if he would be interested in a trade (since I didn't have any more cash). He was interested, however he had another offer but the dude didn't have the money yet. So I offered my Minor Threat 1st press and my S.O.A. 1st press on green vinyl.  After a few emails back and forth we had a deal!

I was so stoked to get this record in the mail. But to be honest it was really hard to let go of my Minor Threat 7", not only was this the biggest trade I have ever done, but also, I thought I would never let that Minor Threat 7" go. (I guess the next copy I get will stay with me!)

Okay but that's enough about that, onto the records.

Here is my second press on gold vinyl out of 500. I love this record, it doesn't get much better than this, I mean it's Warzone, it's first official Revelation colour vinyl, classic New York Hardcore, what more could you want!

Next up is a bit of an odd one. Third press vinyl (as it has the star logo) but instead if the glossy cover with blue letters this has a matte cover with white letters and there is an extra white dotted line under the lettering. I have seen a few of these covers around, some with second press and some this third press black vinyl, generally they don't have inserts (my copy is also missing the insert).

Next up is the regular third press with glossy cover and blue letters. This is out of 1000.

Okay now here is my collection so far. Now you will notice my clear vinyl doesn't have the regular red lettering, this cover is on fact photocopied. 

Now according to the pressing info 150 of the 300 were given to the band without covers. Since the dude I got this off got this copy from Porcell, this makes sense, though the red lettering does look more crucial if you ask me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chain of Strength – True Till Death Complete

Okay so if you keep up with my blog you might remember that I was lucky enough to recently pick up a copy of Chainof Strength – True Till Death Clear with Silver Sleeve. Well this is a bit of a late post, but when I recently picked up a couple Youth of Today 7”s I also was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Chain of Strength – True Till Death Clear with regular green sleeve. This was the last copy I needed to complete my TTD collection and I am so stoked, I never thought I would own all versions.

Here it is, clear vinyl with regular green sleeve. As most people reading this will know this version is part of the 3rd press which was out of 500 in total.

Out of the 3rd press 300 were given regular green covers and given to the band to sell on tour. The remaining 200 were given the silver sleeve, most of which are still at the Rev warehouse, but some were sold through mail order.

So here is my complete Chain of Strength – True Till Death. First press on green vinyl out of 2000. Second press black vinyl out of 2000. Third press clear vinyl green cover out of 300 and clear silver sleeve out of 200.

Again so stoked on being able to finally complete my collection (I’m not even going to bother entertaining the idea that I would one day have a test press, I’m happy with my collection). 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Youth Of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes

So I recently got my last two major Youth of Today wants in the mail the other day (as well as another major want).  Now before I get to the actual records I want to talk about the shipping of the records. First off the guy I bought these off, Sam, got these shipped out super fast for me. He told me he would "pack these 7"s like they're going to the moon", and boy did he! Now when the records arrived I was amazed at the level of care that went into packing them.

So the package was a much larger box than I was expecting. As you can see below the box (on the left) was filled with styrofoam and contained a smaller box (the box on the right). This was also filled with Styrofoam.

The records were then wrapped in bubble wrap as you can see here.

Then under the bubble wrap the records were actually SEALED in plastic, making them water proof. This blew me away. Then the records were separated from the covers and placed in-between cardboard AND foam.

This is easily the best that anything has been packaged that I have received. It was a good thing that it was packaged so well as when I picked it up from the post office, the post office worker droped the box and KICKED it with me standing in front of her, i was not happy to say the least.

Since I have had some pretty bad experiences with getting records deliver (I’ve seen the posties try to bend 12” records to fit them in the mail box and I’ve had numerous records left on my doorstep or on top of my mail box in the rain), I was amazed to have records packed so well. Thanks again Sam, your a champ!

Ok now onto the records! I was luck enough to pick up 3 of my top wants. Two of these were Youth of Today 7”s. I picked up Can’t Close My Eyes - Some Records and Can’t Close My Eyes - Gold vinyl with Batman stamp.

Picking these up now almost completes my wants for the Can’t Close My Eyes 7”. Here is my collection so far. There are so many different variations of this 7” I’m not crazy enough to try and collect them all, just the main versions.

Here you can see the first press and what is sometimes called a second press or a later pressing. As you can see here the first press on the left has the red letters on the sleeve and black and white labels. All later presses have white writing on the cover. My second press has the blue and white labels, but there are also ones with black and white labels (like the first press), this is where the confusion with if this is a second press or not comes in.

The next copy is one I picked up on eBay last year. As part of a pressing plant error part of the second or third press had a bunch (apparently around 12-20 copies) with blank b-side labels. These had either random messages written on them, pictures drawn them or some had stamps on the label.

Now I bought this copy for pretty cheap because it is significantly water damaged. The cover and insert are water damaged as is the b-side label.
The b-side label on my copy has “RAY Lost the scissors!”. Unfortunately the label has actually come off from the record.

The A-side label is in fine however.

This version actually comes with a different insert from the other presses. As you can see here the regular insert is on the right and insert for the blank b-side record is on the right.

And the other side.

Now here is my copy of the 3rd press Some Records 7”. There were 100 of these made, 47 of them were numbered, leaving 53 un-numbered. My copy is not numbered.

Instead of having stamps on both labels, my copy has a stamp and handwriting on one side and just handwriting on the other label.

Now the cover of my Some Records pressing is pretty beat up and someone has stapled the corners of the cover. I’m not really sure why as this makes it harder for the record to fit in the cover.

Last, but definitely not least, is the 4th press, Can’t Close My Eyes on Gold vinyl with a blank b-side with Batman stamp. This was one of my top wants for 7” and I never thought I would actually own a copy. I can’t even find the words to describe how stoked I am that I actually own this record. My copy is in incredible condition, it looks amazing.

There are actually 4 Batman stamps on this copy. One on the b-side label and one on the dust sleeve.

Then there are also 2 on the cover. One under the album name.

And one on the other dudes face.

I still can’t believe that I have 4 of, if not the 4, most sort after Youth of Today records and not only that, but that I have picked them all up in less than a year. At this rate I will almost complete my entire want list in a year or two.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Tolerance - Update

So almost a year ago to the day I previously posted my No Tolerance collection at the time. You can check it here. No Tolerance are still one of my favourite current bands, and since the last post, they have released a couple other presses, most of which I have managed to pick up.
Here is my No Tolerance collection, it is almost complete, I’m just missing two test presses. 

Since my last post, No Tolerance released a second press of the No Remorse, No Tolerance 7”. There were 200 on clear blue pressed for TIHC and 500 on black. Like the Pre-Release (for the Youngblood Showcase) of the first press, the second press has a silver screened cover.

The regular first press has a glued cover and a glossy insert. However the Second press is screened in silver, instead of white, and folds out. Also as you can see below the lyrics are on the inside of the cover, instead of on a separate insert.

First press on the left, second press on the right.

First press cover.

First press cover with insert.

Inside of second press cover.

For No Tolerance’s recent European tour Quality Control Records pressed the two No Tolerance 7”s and an addition track form the No Remorse, No Tolerance recording session. The tracks have all been remastered. There are 100 on green and 400 on black. I believe all of these sold on tour. I was lucky enough to pick up the black LP from my friend Ola, from Quality Control. And I picked up my green copy from Straightand Alert.

Although I’m not really a fan of Euro pressings generally, or 7”s made into LPs for that matter, I actually like how this turned out. As you can see the same artwork from the Boston Straight Edge 7” Test Press was used for the LP. The green vinyl looks really awesome as well.

Love the message on the insert.

I now have a complete No Tolerance collection, except for the test press of the LP and the test press for the No Remorse, No Tolerance 7”. If you have one of these hit me up!!