Friday, December 16, 2011


So this is the second post in a week, off to a pretty good start. I have really been digging the Not Afraid – Be Yourself E.P. it seems to constantly be in my regular rotation of records. After hearing this 7” for the first time I was stoked and decided I needed everything they had released. Originally released on Control Records, 16 Test presses, 100 Green vinyl and 400 on black, 50 of which have an alternate cover for BDTW 2011. 

 Unfortunately I seem to have slept a bit on the release of this record. By time I heard about it Control Records had already sold out of the Green records, but I was able to find a copy of the green the following day by posting on the React! Board if I remember correctly.

Unfortunately I also missed the boat when the 7” was released on Back to Back records. I actually found out about it by seeing a copy of the yellow 7” on eBay, which I won for about $5.00. Back to Back pressed 50 on Yellow, 50 on Red, 200 Black and I’m not sure how many Test Presses. I still need all other copies from Back to Back records apart from the yellow.

Gotta say i love the simple packaging for this record and the colours chosen for the records. Nice and clean. Also love it when extras are thrown in with the record!

Anyways after email and posting around saying I was looking for Not Afraid versions I need I was contacted by Packo who advised he had a Test Press and a copy with the BDTW cover /50 (which I had no idea existed until then). Here is the Test Press /16.

Here is the BDTW alt Warzone rip cover /50

And the back cover, this one is numbered 41/50 if you can see. (sorry about the bad photo quality, i was using my crappy old iPhone).

Because Packo is such a rad guy he added in a shirt with the records he sent. 

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