Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chain of Strength – True Till Death Complete

Okay so if you keep up with my blog you might remember that I was lucky enough to recently pick up a copy of Chainof Strength – True Till Death Clear with Silver Sleeve. Well this is a bit of a late post, but when I recently picked up a couple Youth of Today 7”s I also was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Chain of Strength – True Till Death Clear with regular green sleeve. This was the last copy I needed to complete my TTD collection and I am so stoked, I never thought I would own all versions.

Here it is, clear vinyl with regular green sleeve. As most people reading this will know this version is part of the 3rd press which was out of 500 in total.

Out of the 3rd press 300 were given regular green covers and given to the band to sell on tour. The remaining 200 were given the silver sleeve, most of which are still at the Rev warehouse, but some were sold through mail order.

So here is my complete Chain of Strength – True Till Death. First press on green vinyl out of 2000. Second press black vinyl out of 2000. Third press clear vinyl green cover out of 300 and clear silver sleeve out of 200.

Again so stoked on being able to finally complete my collection (I’m not even going to bother entertaining the idea that I would one day have a test press, I’m happy with my collection). 

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