Sunday, March 3, 2013

Warzone – Lower East Side Crew E.P.

So here we have Revelation Number 1, Warzone - Lower East Side Crew E.P. Now my Warzone collection is by no means the most complete or crucial around. In fact my collection isn't even half complete, even without counting test presses or the impossible to get lion attacking horse sleeve.

Now my collection may be missing many pieces, however I was recently lucky enough to pick up one of the most sought after Revelation Records 7"s, Warzone - Lower East Side Crew, 4th press on Clear vinyl!

It's strange, I almost feel unworthy to own this record. I don't have a regular 1st press or even a 3rd press on Green. And I know this record is probably in the top 3 or so many collectors want list.

When I picked up a few records recently, the dude I picked them up from sent some pics of all the records he was selling, one being the Warzone 7" on Clear. Now at the time I new I couldn't afford it as well as the other records I wanted, so I figured I would let the Warzone record pass. After making a deal for a few records I kept thinking that I would never have another chance like this to pick up this record. According to and there has only been one Warzone on Clear on eBay and that was back in 2007!!

Now the more I thought about it I really didn't want to let this record slip by and it be a story years later I regret while trying to track down another copy.

So I messaged the dude back, and having previously discussed other records and that he mentioned his Minor Threat s/t 7" with red cover was in pretty beat up condition. I asked if he would be interested in a trade (since I didn't have any more cash). He was interested, however he had another offer but the dude didn't have the money yet. So I offered my Minor Threat 1st press and my S.O.A. 1st press on green vinyl.  After a few emails back and forth we had a deal!

I was so stoked to get this record in the mail. But to be honest it was really hard to let go of my Minor Threat 7", not only was this the biggest trade I have ever done, but also, I thought I would never let that Minor Threat 7" go. (I guess the next copy I get will stay with me!)

Okay but that's enough about that, onto the records.

Here is my second press on gold vinyl out of 500. I love this record, it doesn't get much better than this, I mean it's Warzone, it's first official Revelation colour vinyl, classic New York Hardcore, what more could you want!

Next up is a bit of an odd one. Third press vinyl (as it has the star logo) but instead if the glossy cover with blue letters this has a matte cover with white letters and there is an extra white dotted line under the lettering. I have seen a few of these covers around, some with second press and some this third press black vinyl, generally they don't have inserts (my copy is also missing the insert).

Next up is the regular third press with glossy cover and blue letters. This is out of 1000.

Okay now here is my collection so far. Now you will notice my clear vinyl doesn't have the regular red lettering, this cover is on fact photocopied. 

Now according to the pressing info 150 of the 300 were given to the band without covers. Since the dude I got this off got this copy from Porcell, this makes sense, though the red lettering does look more crucial if you ask me.

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