Thursday, February 2, 2012


Some people are not into Wide Awake, well, some people like Creed and I put people who don’t like Wide Awake into this category. I love Wide Awake and if you can’t dig it, you might as well stop reading this now.

So here is where it all started, Wide Awake – Hold True Demo, such a sick looking demo. This copy has a really light redish-pink I have also seen these with Yellow and Blue covers (if anyone has these hit me up!!)

The cover folds out with lyrics on one side and some sweet pictures on the other.

Here is a ‘fan press’ (bootleg) of the demo, which uses the cover of the band's 7" (see below), these come with heaps of different covers and labels, and there is both a rejected and accepted test press of this. But I’m pretty happy with my one copy for now. (this version with the light blue cover seems to be the most common).

Here is the 7” Wide Awake – C.T. Hardcore pressed on Schism Records (SKIZ #4) 1st press has the hand draw cover over the guitar player with the blue X.

First press came on both white and red labels. Second press had alternate cover with photo of Sammy on the drums, this came on red labels as well and also on grey labels. All presses have the same insert.

Closer pic of the second press cover

There is also a version for the first press that has a much lighter blue X, to quote from the bible “At the beginning of the printing for the sleeve, the blue in the 'X' was not dark enough so the sleeves were reprinted.” I actually have 3 copies of the first press (2 with red labels) and there are some very slight differences in the shades of the X. But there are actually copies out there where the blue look more like my copy of the demo bootleg.

Here is a copy of the band’s posthumous live 7”, The End. First of all this is a really boring looking record, could have been done heaps better. The actual recording isn’t that great either but it has some extra songs on there and despite all the negatives I can actually get into it.


  1. no love for the X MArks the Spot comp they were on too?


  2. Definitely have love for the X Marks the Spot Comp... unfortunately i don't have a copy of it at the moment :(

  3. Great blog man! Check Out and lets exchange banners/links! Cheers! lml