Friday, June 29, 2012

Still Screaming!

So it’s been a while between posts because I’ve been travelling and other things have gotten in the way. But now I’m back I should be updating this fairly regularly.

So after I got back home I was super excited to receive this record in the mail. Uniform Choice – Screaming for Change on grey vinyl, courtesy of Dobek (thanks again bro!). This record is super nice looking! I love this album, and in my opinion, has some of the greatest straight edge lyrics. 

The few of you that read this blog may have seen a few posts showing some of my UC records. After scoring this latest copy I now have all the colours except the super rare Pink transition colour (if someone has this hit me up!!). 

The pressing info for Screaming for Change is pretty non-existent, but from checking how often each colour comes up the light pink transition is clearly the rarest colour, but the grey seems to be the second rarest, not popping up all that often. So I'm really stoked to finally own a copy. 

I love Wishingwell coloured vinyl. Some of the most crucial looking records out there, just a classic looking hardcore record.

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