Sunday, November 11, 2012

Break Down The Walls - Part II

So again it has been ages since my last post, since June in fact! Wow, time flies. I have had no time to do this blog recently but I should be able to make pretty regular posts moving forward.

Anyway, if you look through my last few posts you can see they were all of Wishingwell Records. Well this post pics right up from where I left off. I have just managed to pick up one of my absolute top wants, Youth of Today – Break Down The Walls, BLUE vinyl on Wishingwell records!!

Now this record was on eBay recently in a lot of other random records, and I figured I would shoot the seller an offer to buy just this record, and he could keep the others.  The seller responded asking if I added an extra zero on my offer by accident! It seems that the seller was a bit unaware as to what this record would sell for. But I assured my offer was correct and we quickly made a deal.

Now the cover and insert for this record were in less than ideal condition. They both had water damage, but the record itself is in great condition. So for now I have switched covers with my black vinyl copy (which is still a bit beat up) and will keep an eye out for a copy on black in great condition.

I’m so stoked to finally have both the Red and Blue vinyl for this release. I’m sure I have said it before but I love Wishingwell colour vinyl. Something about it always looks amazing and the combination of Youth of Today and Wishingwell, well it doesn’t get much better than that!

Here are a couple pics of my colour Wishingwell records.

Hope you enjoyed reading, good to be back. Got heaps of other posts planned so keep an eye out!