Saturday, November 17, 2012


So recently I have really been focusing on collecting Revelation colour LPs. Along with all the re-presses that Rev has been pressing I have managed to pick up a good amount of Rev LPs from Jeff, who was selling his amazing collection. As part of my deals with Jeff I managed to pick up a few Chain of Strength LPs. I love Chain and until recently when Rev re-pressed the LP I actually only had copies of the 7”, so I ordered the re-presses through Rev and thought it was about time to finally track down the earlier presses of the LP as well.

First up we have the first press on Clear Green vinyl out of 312, making this of course the rarest press.

I actually don’t have a copy of the first press on black (thought there are 3023 of them! But I have a copy of the later press. The differences between these I will go though below).

Here is what was meant to be the ‘final’ press from 2001. Grey vinyl out of 440.

Here we have the first of the recent re-presses. White vinyl, out of 557. This was the first Chain LP that I picked up. I actually really like the look of the white vinyl, and the choice of all the colours for the Chain LPs in fact.

Lastly the most recent press, which, at the time of writing this, are still available at Revhq. Clear vinyl. Not sure of the pressing info for these yet, hasn’t been updated here yet. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Okay now as probably anyone reading this will know, the first press and later press chain LP’s inserts had slight differences. This of course helps in identifying the first press black from the later pressings. However with the most recent re-presses, it seems the differences are now a bit more confusing.

Here shows the first press insert on the left and later 2001 press on the right.

As you can see the later press has a more lime green and the first press has what is commonly referred to as Kelly Green.

Now the most recent Rev re-presses seem to have gone back to the Kelly green. However there are some differences with the later press. (1st press, 2001 press, 2012 press)

It is really hard to see in these pics as my iPhone wouldn’t really pick it up. But the first press insert doesn’t have the regular Rev yellow in the logo. It is more or a mustard yellow. This pic really doesn’t do it justice. (Again 1st press left, 2001 press middle, 2012 press right).

Also the first press insert has more of a green tinge to the whole insert, as you can see here. (First press left, 2001 press middle, 2012 press right).

Hope this has made it pretty clear and not just confused anyone reading this. 

So glad I was able to pick these up and add to my Chain collection. Wish I had of got to see the Chain reunion shows, they looked like they were a blast. I guess I will have to settle with spinning these records instead!

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