Monday, November 26, 2012


If you’re reading this you have probably noticed my obsession with collecting Brotherhood records, as you can see here, here and here. So the other day I came across a Brotherhood record on eBay, the seller was advertising it as Green out of 273. However from the photo in the listing, the record looked just like my copy on solid green, which according to the pressing info there are only a handful of. The photo clearly wasn’t like my clear green copy. So I shot the seller an offer and bought it, planning on using this to trade for other records.

Here you can see my solid green on the left, clear on the right and my new record in the middle. Now as you can see here, the record in the middle looks pretty much identical to my solid green, however there is a difference.

When holding the new record up to the light the record is partially transparent, unlike the solid green.

When looking closer you can see that the record in the middle you can actually see through it and read the word ‘BROTHERHOOD’ through the record. Where as on the record on the left you can’t.

It looks like what I have managed to pick up was a transition press of sorts. Not quite solid green, not quite clear. Though some people might just call this a solid green, I like the idea of adding another Brotherhood record to my collection (as it’s getting more and more difficult to come by the ones I am missing!).

Here are a few closer pics, but because I was using my iPhone, still hard to see the differences. First solid green.

Here is the 'transition' green.

And lastly clear green.

While taking photos of my copies or Words Run on green, I thought it was time to get out my other Brotherhood records and take some updated pics of my collection. (again sorry for the poor quality pics).


  1. Nerdario stomp!!!! Haha. I love shit like that. Super jealous on your Brotherhood collection. If you ever want to sell any of that get at me. Although I'm not getting my hopes up on this ;) Keep at it

  2. Haha. Hey mate, thanks for checking out the blog! But you're right, I have no intentions of selling any of my Brotherhood records.

  3. Hi xReganx.
    I look at your collection every few days. Awesome collection. Brotherhood rules!
    I've take a pic of you records for my last post. If there is any problem, please tell me and I remove it.

    Hardcore Flag - Brotherhood


  4. Hey Borja,
    Feel free to use my pics, appreciate the link as well. Have added your blog to my Blog List.