Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Tolerance - Update

So almost a year ago to the day I previously posted my No Tolerance collection at the time. You can check it here. No Tolerance are still one of my favourite current bands, and since the last post, they have released a couple other presses, most of which I have managed to pick up.
Here is my No Tolerance collection, it is almost complete, I’m just missing two test presses. 

Since my last post, No Tolerance released a second press of the No Remorse, No Tolerance 7”. There were 200 on clear blue pressed for TIHC and 500 on black. Like the Pre-Release (for the Youngblood Showcase) of the first press, the second press has a silver screened cover.

The regular first press has a glued cover and a glossy insert. However the Second press is screened in silver, instead of white, and folds out. Also as you can see below the lyrics are on the inside of the cover, instead of on a separate insert.

First press on the left, second press on the right.

First press cover.

First press cover with insert.

Inside of second press cover.

For No Tolerance’s recent European tour Quality Control Records pressed the two No Tolerance 7”s and an addition track form the No Remorse, No Tolerance recording session. The tracks have all been remastered. There are 100 on green and 400 on black. I believe all of these sold on tour. I was lucky enough to pick up the black LP from my friend Ola, from Quality Control. And I picked up my green copy from Straightand Alert.

Although I’m not really a fan of Euro pressings generally, or 7”s made into LPs for that matter, I actually like how this turned out. As you can see the same artwork from the Boston Straight Edge 7” Test Press was used for the LP. The green vinyl looks really awesome as well.

Love the message on the insert.

I now have a complete No Tolerance collection, except for the test press of the LP and the test press for the No Remorse, No Tolerance 7”. If you have one of these hit me up!!